Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mary's New Room

Now it looks like the dwelling of a happy tween instead of the hovel of a disheveled hobo girl. 

There's really no good "before" picture, but I'll tell you that she had tan walls with hundreds of holes--pin holes and larger--and several places smeared with glue, lotion, or chocolate. She broke her wood-slat bed by jumping on it so she had a bare mattress on the floor with whatever bedding she could find. She had a dresser that had once been cute, but now had missing knobs and peeling paint.

But as you know she asked for a re-do for Christmas. She had a budget and she picked out everything you see--the paint, bedding, desk, nightstand, book case--everything is new. She is a very budget-conscious girl and knows how to stretch (her own) dollar.

It helps that Grandpa Al made an Ikea run for Mary; that's where much of the furniture-type things came from.

Above her desk is a magnet board. I especially like these because they started out plain white but she got some wall stickers at the $1 store and customized them to match her room!

She is very, very happy with how everything turned out and is keeping her room very clean these days. In fact,I took the picture before school one day and she's still in the bed! So you can see she went to sleep with a tidy room. All I did was straighten her bedding.

She also decorated her closet with pillowcases and is enjoying her little cave.

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brooklyn said...

OMG (I always mean Goodness when I say that)!!! I love it!!! Mary is brilliant in so many ways.

And now, I'll be off to IKEA--I'm inspired. Maya is still in a toddler bed and her feet hit the end. It's time for a makeover for us. I need to hire Mary to be my interior designer!