Friday, January 28, 2011

My Feelings about Young Women

The reason I love the youth is because they have so much potential. They still have that enthusiasm for life and all the milestones coming up in their lives. They are flexible and malleable and really do want to choose the right. Sometimes they are misguided in their attempts to find happiness but when they make mistakes there is time to correct their course; there is time to change.

I wish young people could see how wonderful they really are. Their worth as children of God goes beyond what they've done, what they look like, what grades they get, or what they have. They are sons and daughters of a King and heirs to all He has to offer.

I have seen judgmental girls turn kind-hearted. I have seen troubled girls straighten out. I have seen awkward girls blossom into lovely young ladies. There have been disappointments too, and surely will be in the future, but no one's story is finished yet. There is always hope for a better tomorrow.

I will always love the girls. I will always love the ladies I served with. I am thankful for my time serving with such wonderful people! I hope the other leaders know that I loved and valued them, though I had much to improve upon in my performance as a leader myself.

Last Mutual the Laurel class visited me (and the other two classes visited Libbie and Jolene). It was so thoughtful of the new presidency to deliver thank-you gifts to the former presidency; I received a cute jar filled with caramel Hershey's kisses and a page of hand-written shout-outs from the girls. The personal notes were so special to me that I bought a frame for the page, so I can hang it in my closet next to my Young Women quilt.

Thank you, Young Women, for bringing me such fulfillment and happiness. It was always my joy to serve you.

So now I wander aimlessly at church trying to figure out where I belong. Just kidding. I enjoyed going to Primary sharing time and then to Relief Society last week, though. I guess this Sunday I'll graduate to going back to Sunday School. Baby steps, you know.

(Please do not point out I should have been going to S.S. this whole time.)

Now I am on to my next adventure, which I will tell you about on Sunday. Holy cow, I will need some help on this one. What could it be? Hmmm . . . Stay tuned!

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