Wednesday, January 5, 2011

O Happy Christmas Day

We wrapped presents on the 23rd instead of the 24th this year but we still stayed up until midnight doing all the last minute preparation. I think Bryce and I could have slept until noon on Christmas day . . . but no kid would ever let that happen!

The big family presents this year were a Wii that Bryce bought at a pawn shop and and Xbox 360 (that he bought at Best Buy). So we went from having 10-year-old hand-me-down systems to two up-to-date ones that they still make games for. The Kinect system for the Xbox is really fun--your own body is the controller. We need to do more of that river rafting game! But right now the Xbox is being monopolized by Tyce with his brand new beloved "Black Ops".

I have loved playing Mario Kart with the kids on the Wii but I am sooooo bad!

Santa brought Tyce a video game, Mary a "real" lion cub, Cameron and Harrison both got Playmobile knight/castle sets. Bryce also got a video game (NCAA Football '11). And I not only got a laptop but also a new camera (Canon s95). Guess who's been good this year? Holla!

After stockings and Santa gifts we ate breakfast. Then we moved to the front rooms for the rest of the festivities, i.e. ripping open the rest of the presents. Later in the day the Shapiro kids came over here and our kids went over there--back and forth, back and forth. It was a great day!

Goofy shot but cute. On the stairs Christmas morning! Can't wait for family prayer so they can see what Santa brought.

Try again for a better shot? Nah, let's just get this show on the road!

Here they come!

Mary and her lion. It really purrs and blinks its eyes.

Chiaroscuro, light and dark. I should paint this. Tyce got his Madden '11 game!

The twins were anxious to play with their new knights and castles. They even got a real-sized sword and shield.

Phase 2 by the Christmas tree. Harrison got a tool set!

She has the most expressive face! She was excited to receive this beautiful set from Dave and Brooklyn and the girls.

Tyce got a gift card for clothes.
Smiley Cam.

Harrison loved his little car.

The white ninja from G.I. Joe!

Tyce and Harrison were the present-passer-outers.

This is what Mary bought for Tyce: a ceramic eagle. This exchange really warmed my heart, because he gave her one of his favorite books.

Spencer and Tyce played video games.

Check out these new cool shoes!
BBQ pork, Velveeta, and corn heating up for all-day grazing.

Harrison likes playing the Lego games on the Xbox--I think this is Lego Batman.

Thank you to our families who blessed us with their thoughtful and generous gifts! We are truly grateful to have such loving people in our lives.


Mopsie said...

Looks like a wonderful day. One of these years we'll join you again. Love you all!

FoReVeR WeLcH said...

hahahha i LOVE the Kinnect!!!! isnt it AWESOME!!! Except the screen shots it takes of you when ur in ur jammies playing and they pop up after are just EVIL! We have 2 360's , the Wii, a PS2.... oh no Tony loaned that to his gf's brother a yr ago, we threw away a X-box , a psp AND now Noah is calling gaming stores to see if he trades in hisgame boy advance and game boy color can he have credits to purchase.... YES i said PURCHASE an ORIGINAL Nintendo.... NOT super nintendo..... ( his Aunt bought him that for christmas cus he wanted it) But the ORIGINAL nintendo.... R U KIDDING ME?????? Why..... all i want to know is WHY
I should sell our wii.... we even bought the wii fit like a yr ago and ever since it made tonys character look like a baloon.. no one has ever played it again! EVIL... games are EVIL! LOL

brooklyn said...

looked like it was awesome. love the pic of mary. love the shoes! envious of your three pot cooker--i've been wanting one of those.