Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How you spell cute: C-A-M and H-A-R-E

My two kindergarteners are very interested in spelling, as I've mentioned before. They have their cache of words they spell instead of say: Y-E-S, N-O (or N to the O), S-T-O-P, G-O, and a few others including their older brother's and sister's names.

One day Cameron and Harrison were looking at a cool picture of a dirt bike on the computer. Cameron looked over at me and said, quietly to his twin, "M-O-M is not very good at dirt bikes."

Apparently they have started spelling in front of me.

They're outsmarting me by the day! It will be a hard thing to give up, talking in code around them.

I guess my only ace in the hole is my fluency in Pig Latin. Oh-nay id-kay an-kay ak-cray at-thay, ite-ray?

ah-hay ah-hay

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