Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pictures from the Cooks' Visit

We went to Red Rock, had a dinner by campfire (with plenty of marshmallows for dessert), and the next day strolled around Lake Las Vegas. I loved having them visit!

Maya (4), Cambria (6), and Xochi (20 months). It was so bright I told the girls to open their eyes at the last second for this photo.

Bryce and Cameron.

The Cook family: my brother David, his wife Brooklyn, and their three beauties.

Tyce, the gangster cowboy.

Tyce stayed with Cameron while everyone else explored. Cam was not a fan of the changing elevations.


Tyce climbed onto this rock....

....and then jumped off.

There were lots of cool places to climb and neat things to look at.

Maya and Mary were hiking pals. They are both very sure-footed but it did make me nervous.

Because this shot shows the whole picture! Are your knees weak just looking at it?

How nice of nature to stack these rocks--the perfect playground for climbing kids.

Xochi was a little monkey--agile and not afraid of anything!

We sure are lucky to have Brooklyn in our family--she is a great mom and a wonderful aunt to our kids.

Tower of kids.

More climbing.

Bryce and I. Me. Myself.

Mary pretended to be a mountain lion.

Cute girls in a cave!

I took about 20 of these pictures.

Harrison and Cameron! Harrison was independent and a bit of a punk.

We got a campsite so we could have our gourmet cook-out of hotdogs and s'mores.

It was cold but it was fun!

Glowing with the love of family. And fire.

After church we ate our Indian feast. Then we went to Lake Las Vegas.

Cameron and Maya.

The kids loved throwing rocks into the lake.

Mary in the afternoon light.

Harrison loved throwing rocks and whatever else he could find.

It was a beautiful afternoon.

And it turned into a beautiful night! Dave, Brooklyn, Tyce, and Bryce had a stone-skipping contest. They were all good but Tyce out-threw them all.

We love you, Cook family! We need to get together again soon.

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brooklyn said...

great pics! it was such a fun visit. thanks for planning such fun for us.