Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Break

Mary's most-wanted Christmas present was to have her room redecorated. She picked out new bedding and today we're painting. The color is Sonic Lime, which looks bright enough to glow in the dark. And citrus-y enough to eat.

Just kidding.

Ugh, I am not the fan of painting I thought I was. None of us are professionals, let's put it that way. But her room was so atrocious to begin with (Bryce and Mare must have spackled 500 holes) that I hope a little dripping and uneven paint slapped on the walls will still be an improvement.

I am taking a break. The little boys are playing Lego Batman on the (new!) xBox 360 and Tyce is with friends. Bryce is taking his painting shift now. Mary is surprisingly averse to having paint-crusted hands and has taken two showers already. I think she's more of a big-picture kind of person--design over duty, if you know what I mean.

Okay, I'm going back up to help. This time I'm shielding my eyes from the blinding green sheen by wearing my sunglasses.

1 comment:

Mopsie said...

1. Painting is work.
2. Get Miss Mary some rubber gloves.
3. The satisfaction of a job well done, especially when one has been part of the work, is awesome.
4. Can't wait to see pictures!