Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Weekend

I just realized it's not Monday....it's Tuesday! Those 3-day weekends are brain-scramblers.

The Hardys invited us and the Bevells to play games on Friday night. We had fun playing Compatibility and True Colors, both games that were new to me. After a while Mary came over (walked around the corner) because her computer game had frozen up and she didn't want to watch the movie Tyce had on.

In the game True Colors, someone reads a question and then everyone secretly votes who they think fits the description best.

For example, one I read said, "Who is most likely to read the obituaries?"

Mary scrunched her face uncomfortably and asked, "Why do they call them that?"

Robin explained that they were the death announcements in the newspaper.

"Oh . . . I thought it had something to do with females," Mary said sincerely.

We had a good laugh over that one!

The rest of the weekend was good. Did housework, saw a movie, thought about my relatives who have passed on.

(When I went to BYU I had a floral design class where our assignment was to visit the cemetery on Memorial Day and photograph the various arrangements. It was peaceful and almost sacred there. Ever since then I've really wished I lived close enough to to that again, but to visit my own family.)

I have girl's camp in one week from today!!!!!!!!

I will probably not breathe fully until I return. Look for me on June 13th--if I'm not too worn out I will be a normal human being again.

Well, maybe.

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