Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Five Thoughts for Wednesday

1. My visiting teachers are coming over and they are going to flip if they see how messy my house is. I'm sure they'll have to report to the RSP that an intervention is in order. You know what one of our biggest problems is? Shoes. We have way too many shoes and they're in every room of the house. We need a place, a system, a solution to this pressing household issue.

2. I went to girls camp. Why haven't I posted about it? Because, get this, you will die when I tell you . . . I forgot my camera. I know. Too much running around in the morning gathering last minute items means that not only did I leave my camera, but also my phone and MY MAKEUP. Can you believe I even survived??? It is a testament to how much I love those girls that I didn't drive an hour into town to buy some mascara. But I digress. I do have pictures, courtesy of Brother Hall. He acted as camp photographer and was so nice to make a CD for me. However, my computer is having a hard time reading it--I'm sure it's the computer, and has nothing to do with the fact that once I pop the disc in I'm clueless. Work your magic, whirring rectangular contraption!

3. Tyce is at Scout camp, at Thunder Ridge. I talked to him on Bryce's cell phone and things seem to be going fine. Bryce is coming home today and then going back to pick him up on Friday. Tyce has never been alone on a trip but it's not because we're overprotective or he's homesick. It's because he's butted heads quite spectacularly with one of the Scout leaders in the past and we were attempting to thwart a coup. I won't go into details but . . .  this leader loved scouting but didn't have good people skills. The boys either spent their time crying or plotting revenge. But now he's not there and we hope there won't be drama. Why am I saying all this? I guess to illustrate why Bryce is at camp now, coming home, and then going back to camp. You know, baby steps.

4. Mary got really good scores on her standardized tests (CRTs) and now she doesn't have homework for the rest of the year! She is also writing a book for Tyce and when she's done I'll type it out for you. That girl is something else. So far it's way better than anything I've ever written.

5. I have to go. Get Mary off to school, eat some Cheerios, put on yesterday's cute outfit for a whole new audience. And, oh yeah, clean up this place. Wish me luck!

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Mopsie said...

Welcome home! Glad Girls Camp was good, in spite of the forgotten items. (Wasn't it kind of nice to forego makeup?)
The Cali trip looked wonderful. (Kudos to whoever took all those great pictures!)
I'd love to read Mary's book. She continually amazes me. Way to go, Mary Rachel!
Hope Scout camp is a positive this year for our Tyce.
Love you all!