Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm off to Girls Camp!

At this time of year, Warm Springs should be called Scorching Flames of Misery and Death Springs.

But that's where we're going, and I'm thinking cool thoughts. Icy, snow-capped thoughts of how the last time I went camping I thought I'd freeze to death.

But guess what.

I am going to have a blast. You know why? Because I love girls camp.

(For real.)

Oh, and guess what else???????

The rest of the family, plus Heather, are going to Disneyland while I'm gone!

We will be having two different kinds of fun. But we will take the same amount of photos. Which is to say, in the millions.

Stay tuned, peeps!


Anonymous said...

WOOOHOOOOO! Girls camp rocks!!!!

Ashley said...

Mary's face is priceless in that first picture!!!!