Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Madness

If you've read my blog for a long time you know that SUMMER is my hardest time for me to write.

So this will be short and sweet with the promise of pictures to come.

1. We saw Toy Story 3 for Bryce's Father's Day outing on Saturday . . . oh my word. I loved it.

2. Tyce gave a talk in church yesterday about Scout camp and I think he did a great job!

3. Mary is home for track break. She'll go back in a few weeks and then be done for the year in August. Next year all the schools are moving to 9-month, which is good . . . and not-so-good. Overall I am looking forward to it.

4. We've been transitioning the boys to putting themselves to bed, meaning that we're trying to avoid lying with them at night until they fall asleep. So far--it has not gone well. Their room is trashed and they party in the closet until we go to bed. I always thought, "Well, they're not going to be in 3rd grade and still demand that we lay with them at night!" But then I thought . . . "Yeah, they actually might."

5. Father's Day was nice--I am blessed to have great fathers in my life. My dad, my father-in-law, and my husband are awesome.

6. Should I take everyone to the pool today?

7. The boys were wild beasts at church yesterday. Mary got complimented several times for being a good big sister, since she had one while I had the other in time out. Thank goodness she was of a mind to help and not make the problem worse (although I don't doubt there was some of that, since I personally witnessed her grabbing a book out of Harrison's hands she thought he shouldn't have). It was probably the boys' worst behavior ever. For example, while I was gone Cam raced up and down the long row and shouted, "Hi Dad" several times. Tyce and Bryce were both on the stand and I had Harrison on a chair in a classroom for saying, "You can't make me," and "You're crazy." Both of those comments were to ME. You know what I need? A tranquilizer dart. And a bar of soap.

8. Well, I have to get started on the day. A few errands and then it's chore time for all.

9. (And how are you?)


SweetmamaK said...

You should take everyone to the pool! How does it work that she gets off in August but then starts up for a whole year in September???I have a feeling she'll be complaining about it the whole year, I know my boys did when they got a "shortened" vacation last summer. Shortened by like 4 days- LOL

Rebecca and Co. said...

Haha, Kareena! For most year-rounders, they end in early August and start the new grade the last week of August. I think b/c they've had so many other breaks (for Mary, the month of November, then three weeks in Feb/Mar, and now this summer one) it doesn't seem so horrible. So she'll start up like normal again, but then have a "regular" schedule like most people. The twins start K this fall too.

Rachel McEwen said...

Ha! Ha! I was laughing out loud (to myself) when I heard Cameron yell across the pews.....Mary!!! Mary!!! I know it shouldn't be funny but it was. I just love your boys they are so loud which makes me laugh b/c sometimes sacrament meeting needs some distractions if you know what I mean:)

Rebecca and Co. said...

Oh my heck, I didn't even know about THAT, Rachel! I don't know what got in to them. Today they are back to normal.

Emmy said...

Sometimes you can't help but wonder why you bother going to church at this stage in our lives.
As sacrament meeting was almost over Alex bonked her head and was crying crocodile tears. I pulled her up onto the bench and so then all during the prayer she continued to cry and say, "you hurt me mom!" Then when we were leaving she was laying in the isle saying she wanted to go home as church was boring.
so yeah.. right there with you. :)

Laura H said...

Oh the honesty...its why I love your blog.