Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Place in the Science Fair!

Mary won first place for her science project on snails and slugs!

She truly did everything. It was her idea, she collected the data, and she wrote everything up. All I did was type her words. She even glued everything to the poster board herself.

I told Tyce and his friends that she'd won, and Tyce reminded me that *he* had also won first place in 4th grade. He said, "That's how we Joneses roll!"

Congratulations to our very-motivated 4th grader! You are a first-place girl to us, in everything you do.


Mopsie said...

Congrats to Miss Mary!! Way to go! I'm especially proud that you did it all yourself. Impressive.

(And congrats again to Tyce. I hope we made a big deal then, too!)

Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Congrats Mary!!!

Denalee said...

Wow - Mary is AMAZING with a capital A. Tyce is pretty cool too :)