Monday, February 1, 2010

When You Don't Pay Attention

This is what happens.

Scenario 1.

"Does anyone want another grilled cheese sandwich?"

"Yes, I do."

"Okay, I'll make one while you're playing, and I'll let you know when it's done."

(Two hours later....)

"Uh, how about a banana instead?"

But wait, didn't you order it well-done?

Scenario 2.

"Mom, I want to sue that lady at Target because these Bella Sara cards were more than the sign said they were."

"Yeah, I know sometimes things are in the wrong place. That's frustrating."

"I'm going to whine about this the whole way home, about how I've been victimized by the evil checker and how suing her would solve all my problems."*

"Oh boy, I'm so glad we went shopping today!"

* You can thank me for the condensed version.


As a bonus, we inadvertently brought home a souvenier.

(Would you like a basket, ma'am?
No thanks, I've brought my own.)

That's how we roll. Functional, stylish, and stolen.


Emmy said...

Opps! I made sandwiches one time and accidentally only turned off one burner... the other burner was on for about 3 hours.. needless to say it burnt my pan a bit.

Dad77345 said...

Hey, no wonder my Target stock went down. That shopping basket might make the difference of us having to eat cat food when we retire.

Mopsie said...

That Mary Rachel is a card herself.

How hard is it to get home with a stowaway souvenir that big? Not that hard, I guess. You're a hoot.

Ashley said...