Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day

Last night we had our family Valentine's Day dinner. I abandoned the heart-shaped food theme and we had a taco bar. (Spaghetti tacos for those who wanted them.) I still made a treat and little cards. Those are pretty much my two favorite things, treats and cards.

Today are the kids' Valentine's Day parties.

For cards, Mary got baby wild animals.

Harrison got X-Men.

Cameron got Batman.

Tyce got the same thing as every kid in junior high--nothing. (Sad!)

The little boys have their preschool party this afternoon. Mary had to decorate a shoe box for her festivities today. I remember doing that, and my creations were always symmetrical and 2-dimensional. (You saw those cards I made? Imagine that, on a box.)

But you know Mary!

There's nothing simple about that girl.

They're kissing monkeys on a tropical island. Even their tails make a heart.

She was jazzed about taking it to school today. But she insisted on riding her scooter AND carrying the box, so I hope it makes it in one piece.

I love Valentine's Day.
I love red. I love hearts. I never knew it before today, but I love kissing monkeys.

(Meaning monkeys that kiss, hello.)

And I love all of the great people in my life. You make me happy.



Denalee said...

Mary is AMAZING ... and I totally love your treats and cards!
PS - stop kissing the monkeys, it's unsanitary.

Mer said...

Those cupcakes look delicious! One day I would like a list of your families traditions. You are always doing fun things.

Ashley said...

Haha! Mary is so creative! Did Tyce tell you how disappointed me and Skye were at the Percy Jackson movie??? AHHHHHHH!!!! Well, WE WERE!!! : (

Rebecca and Co. said...

HAHA, Denalee! Mer, I love all the things you do with your extended family. We should trade ideas. Ashley, I'm glad you guys went but sorry it wasn't better. You know what they always say...the book is better than the movie. LOL