Monday, February 8, 2010

Life is a Party

Especially when Mary is around!

She loves to throw parties for her little brothers. In fact, she used her Christmas money to buy party supplies like balloons and goody bags.

(And then she told me later, "Sheesh! Those kids don't really appreciate the money I spend on them!")

One party was an space-themed party.

They played pin-the-eye-on-the-alien and made alien masks.

She also threw a castle-themed party, where the kids had a balloon jousting event on their stick horses.

The boys are really lucky to have such a fun sister, don't you think?

Speaking of fun, Tyce had a little get-together on Friday night with Brandon, Skye, and Ashley! It was awesome to have those 8th graders over and playing games.

This is an aside, but Mary said, "Sara and I are rooting for the Colts in the Super Bowl. Yeah, we had to pick in class, and we chose the Colts because colts are baby horses." Tyce also rooted for the Colts because of the BYU alumni on the team . . . until the middle of the 4th quarter. Then he switched sides and did a victory dance with those crazy Cajuns. Who Dat?


Sorry if you've tried to call the Nestle Crunch hotline lately . . . apparently they reverted to their "boring" menu and there's nothing fun to hear. :(


Emmy said...

We were rooting for the Colts too simply because of Collie :)

And yes those boys don't realize how good they have it to have such a fun sister.

brooklyn said...

Mary is awesome. Caima loves to throw parties too (I wish I had the same inclination more often).

Ashley said...

i love Mary she was making me laugh SO hard at your house Friday night! Thanks for inviting me!