Monday, February 22, 2010

Poetry I Have Written

I found a file with my original poetry, mostly hand-written, mostly soul-bearingly vulnerable (i.e. embarrassing). My high school self was a ball of emotion, angst and longing.

But because I like you, I will share. I think this one is pretty good, actually. But man, does it bring back the stress of 10th grade.

P.S. This is a about a boy. (Surprise!)


all started out as friends
all ended up as enemies and
no one person can quite understand
what happened, yet
we all agree it's changed
     it's changed

You used to be close enough
     to whisper softly in my ear
Now I only see the anger in your eyes
     and hope you can't get close enough
     to bite my head off

All around me I notice a mindless following

They parade silently in a circle with
     a solemn expression of distrust and hate
          (They're so much like you)

Anyone who isn't you
     stands in the middle
     with a confused smile
          until they realize who you really are

Running away only ensures entrapment

It's all a game with you
     no one can win
No one can feed your ego
     as well as you can

I'm not sure what's right
     and I know how much is wrong
          I know
     that even though it's like this
     I would do
     to have YOU back again

I cry as I listen to us
     struggle to play the notes
          of a happy song

The more we try to harmonize
     the more I hate the disonance of
          the silent whisper


Emmy said...

So makes me not want to be a teenager again! Great poem

Denalee said...

wow! 10th grade? great writing skills! Did you put this to music?

Ashley said...

HOLY CRAP!!!!! THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! You should really think of being an author, esp if you were that amazing in TENTH grade! You got skill!

Rebecca and Co. said...

Emmy, I know, being a teenager was rough, right? Denalee, I've never tried my hand at writing music. I don't know if I have the knack for that (????). Ashley, you made me LOL for real. And thank you. :)