Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Somehow I never remember to take pictures of people or food.Will you believe me if I tell you that we had a lot of food and a lot of people?

In addition to Bryce's family we also had Andy's siblings visit, so all together there were 21 guests (plus two cute babies). And the food was great. Tyce assisted with the rolls, which were delicious. We have lots to be thankful for. Here's a huge Thank You to Bryce's parents for hosting us all!

It didn't snow while we were there but it had earlier in the week--a real treat for the kids.

Is it just me or does this snowman's eye look realistic . . . and deranged?

The next day we went to Classic Skate which was a blast! Heather, Judy, and Bryce watched the kids skate and scooter around the rink.

Mary is pretty good on the skates.

Harrison went by in a blur! I love this one.

Kess and Mary enjoyed the bounce houses--I think they discovered where the two parts don't meet and someone got a foot in the hole.

Tyce did his own thing.

Tyce and Harrison pelted Bryce in the Blast Zone.

All the kids liked the giant slide--by report, it was very slick and fast.

Don't be a hater, but Bryce, Tyce, Al, and I went to the BYU v. Utah game. Thanks be to Betsie for watching the kids.

It temperature was in the 30s for the majority of the game, and we did the best we could to keep warm but my toes still froze off. Imagine being the guys in front of us wearing flip flops . . . oh, those crazy Utes.

And guess who won--BYU in overtime. Go Cougars!

It was nice to get away and spend time with family. We love you!


Rebecca and Co. said...

Unlike years past, Tyce and Rebecca did not pick fights with Yewt fans in attendance. Though earlier this year at the Utah State game, Tyce harassed a fan wearing a Yewt hat every time he went back and forth to his seat down the aisle until I thought the guy was gonna cry. (Go Tyce! That's my boy!)

Go Cougars! Nothing better than being there, being loud and being blue!


Emmy said...

So jealous that you were able to go!
I thought I was going to be sick by the end of that game. But it all ended well!

Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Rebecca and Co. said...

Bryce, it figures that the only way to get you to comment on the blog is to put in a picture of the team. Ooooo! Zing!