Monday, December 14, 2009

Peace on Earth

I've always loved this poem but disliked the hymn we sing at church . . . that dreary, five-verse hymn that rings in a depressing new year. The final verses are hopeful, but to me, that's lost in the funereal tune.

This video is how I think Longfellow envisioned his words performed.

This is what I want to sing at church.

The peace! The hope! The joy! To a dark and imperfect world Christ was born and offers us salvation.

I appreciate the opportunity to watch, listen, and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.


LB said...

I kind of like the image of the church congregation singing that rendition of the hymn...Do you think if we stuck inserts into the hymnbooks people would go with it? :O)

Rebecca and Co. said...

I think it might throw the chorister off a little. ;)

Mopsie said...

Wow, I like it. A lot. Too bad we can't sing it with an uplifting tune, at least in choir. The hymn is kind of dreary. But this, this made me look UP!
Thanks for sharing.

Adam and Kilee said...

I like this song!! =0)