Friday, December 4, 2009

Peek at the Week

I'm putting the "Our Story of Adoption" mini-series on hold until January. Don't die, okay? Think of this:  I've been waiting for LOST to come back for like 9 months and I'm still a semi-functional human being.

I am paralyzed by indecision when it comes to Christmas shopping this year. I have bought exactly zero presents so far. All of the grandparents and my sister-in-law Kim have shopped and SHIPPED their gifts to us already, and I haven't even started. Do you ever feel that way--totally lame? I mean, overwhelmed?

I bought cinnamon-scented pinecones today. I held them up for Cameron to smell and he exclaimed, "Oh! They're pinecones filled with peanut butter!"

He is a funny little guy. Yesterday we passed a bottle of Snuggle fabric softener just like this one and Cameron said, "Look Harrison, this bottle has a dead bear on it!"


(I'm drownnnn-ing! Goodbye, cuddly-soft world!)

 Seriously, if you're ever feeling down you should take Cam shopping with you.

Maybe one reason I'm not more Rah-Rah-Rah about Christmas shopping is because of all the drama we've had at our house lately. I did not know raising kids was so crazy hard. I obviously have no idea what I'm doing because if I did we'd have exactly 3,567 less problems to deal with.

In a flash of generosity I let Mary Rachel decorate the house. It was torture to relinquish control and I wondered whatever possessed me to do it. She did a fine job, aside from micromanaging her minions (the twins) and causing meltdowns.

(But I'm better now.)

I had to buy a new nativity set yesterday. Our old one has Mary, Baby Jesus, one Wise Man, a donkey, and a sheep. I know, at least the key players are there. But this new one is so much more complete, and kind of fancy! Of course, it was an exercise in futility to keep small hands away. Every once in a while I'd hear the "clang" of glass on glass (or porcelain) and Cam would yell, "It's okay, no heads fell off!"

So the set is exactly on day old and all heads are still attached. Glory!

Oh Christmas.

I love you.

I will do my best to be ready for you.

(With a joyful heart.)


The Hardy's said...

I can just hear Cameron saying all those little funny things.

You're a great mom, and you do have great kids. Hang in there.

brooklyn said...

you've got one on me! at least your nativity is up. (and you're still blogging--make that two!)

i also have a total of 0 presents...and i don't plan on starting until next week when finals are done.

thank you for this post. i feel more normal now :-)

Denalee said...

I'm way behind this year too. While traveling, I was talking with a friend who said this year they are not only way behind in shopping, but they really don't want to fill their home with any other "stuff". So they've decided to give to their kids surprise experiences. For example, one is getting a spa-day with a friend, another is getting a car racing experience, another is sky diving. Those kinds of things can get pretty pricey, but someday we may do that ... just a thought: send the twins skydiving, Mary in a hot air balloon and Tyce to the top of Everest ....

Rebecca and Co. said...

Denalee--you are a genius! LOL Love your ideas for my kids--you hit the nail right on the head. ;) But seriously, I like your idea of experiences. I did something similar last year (on a much smaller scale) when I gave Mary an apron and cookie mix and promised her 12 days of baking. (We did, oh, about 3....but that was 3 more than the year before!).

Brookie, you'll get it all done. You always do! Do your girls have any new passions or interests? I was goign to make my best guess when it came to gifts. I know you're busy. Good luck on finals!

Kim, you are so sweet and a great mom too. I can't wait for you to be my neighbor!