Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just some photos

1. Harrison thought he was hot stuff when wore this get-up to the store (Indiana Jones hat, clock tattoos from Fresh and Easy, his church tie, and one glove ala Michael Jackson).


2. For the boys' 5th birthdays, we ordered a Speed Racer cake. The decorator was nice enough to put two cars on the cake!

3.  Cameron and Emily shared cinnamon rolls on a playdate at our house.

4. And so did Harrison and Camille.

5. I don't get many good posed pictures of Cameron but I think this shot shows that he's definitely a cutie.

6. One afternoon Mary and her friend Niki made a whole spooky set complete with graveyard, witch and cauldron, mummy in a coffin (Altoid tin), troll bridge, and giant spider.

7. A few mornings ago the boys were too quiet and I discovered they'd dumped a 2-liter bottle of water (from my food storage) into their blocks bin. I had to dump the water out and dry the blocks in the tub. No damage was done but the bathroom smelled like a petting zoo for a day or two. (This picture only shows half of the blocks--the other half are on the bathroom counter and sink.)

8. As payment for teaching Harrison to ride, Tyce took his Spiderman bike for a spin. (Remember Tyce's Spiderman backpack? The zipper didn't even make it to the month of October.) Ah, good times.

And that's about all for now.

Life is has its ups and downs but we are making it.


Emmy said...

Glad the blocks survived!

Mopsie said...

Such handsome/beautiful children! I'll bet Mary and Niki's project took up quite a bit of time. Spooky-Cool! Tyce looks so ... I don't know. Serious? Fierce? (Blinded by the sun?) ANYway, cute! That IS a good one of Cam, and Harrison is always cute, too. I just love glimpses of life at the Jones house.