Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Cause for Celebration

Remember when I told you that my parents and my brother's family came to visit in September? And that it was awesome? It was.

Tyce and his newest cousin Xochi.

The star of the show was 6-month old Evangeline Xochitl Cook, aka Xochi (So-chee). She may be small, but this little niece of mine draws in the crowd. Attending her baby blessing were her own family (Dave, Brooklyn, and sisters Cambria and Maya), grandparents (my mom and dad), my family, the Roberts family (Chris, Ellie, and their kids Sam, Sophie, Maggie, and baby Charlotte), and Betsy Fowler, whom I claim as a relative.

Xochi is lucky to have tons of fans, including her other grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who couldn't be here but they sure do love her.

1. My dad (Grandpa Jim) with Maya and Harrison.

2. Bryce with Cameron!

3. Tyce loves Maya!

4. My mom, aka Mopsie. She is the best. I took some really nice pictures of her and my dad together on her camera.

5. Brooklyn and her third beautiful daughter, Xochi.

6. The beautiful and talented Cambria.

7. Tyce playing Prince Charming for the night for Princess Cambria.

8. Happy mom and baby!

9. Since Betsy was here, it was a MUST from the kids that we play the toilet paper game! Dave and Brooklyn were fierce competitors.

10. Ellie and Chris were evenly matched.

11. But no one was more determined than Mary! Betsy had her work cut out for her!

12. Clean up was almost as fun as the game itself.

13. No party would be complete without a delicious spread--Brooklyn provided great snacks and drinks for all. I love this pretty cake!

It was wonderful to spend time with my whole family! I am happy to have another little niece to love.


Emmy said...

How do you play the toilet paper game?? I have never heard of that. I can get some ideas by the pics, but would love the rules.
Looks like a wonderful time.

Mopsie said...

Lovely post. (Even though my picture is SO CLOSE, at least it's good!) Good pictures of all. Ah, memories . . . and thanks again for being such a super hostess.

Denalee said...

what great names!

Rebecca and Co. said...

Emily, a broom handle, two broom handle holders, two rolls of TP per round, and two competitors who race to see who can unroll the TP the fastest--that's all you need!