Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Flower (Girl) Power

One of my former Young Women, Ceara, was married this Saturday in a beautiful ceremony on a beautiful day in the most beautiful place in the city.

Ceara is a very special girl--probably the most loving, most accepting, most generous person I have ever met. She has a way of making you feel like you're the most important person in the world. Ceara took a special liking to Mary when we first moved in and they have been friends ever since. Ceara even invited Mary to be one of her flower girls in her wedding party.

I think it was wonderful for Mary to see Ceara looking so beautiful and happy, worthy of being sealed to her new husband Kirk for time and all eternity.

After we left the temple, Mary and I were invited to the family luncheon. We introduced ourselves and told how we were related to the bride or groom. Mary said, "My name is Mary. I am Ceara's friend, and I like to eat."

Later we attended the reception, where everyone danced and had a great time. I was Mary's first partner, then Bryce, and finally Harrison. That girl loves to dance!

Mare made the newlyweds a card that said, "I hope you enjoyed your wedding day as much as I did!"

As you can see, she loved being a flower girl. It was a pleasure for our whole family to share in Ceara and Kirk's special day!


Aranne and Dan said...

That is so special and very sweet of Ceara... I had no idea that Mary was going to be a part of the wedding! I am sure she was thrilled. What a great example Ceara is. And tell Mary she looked beautiful....

Emmy said...

How awesome that she got that chance. Looks like it really was a wonderful day. Mary looks beautiful.

Denalee said...

LOVE the card she wrote!

Mopsie said...

Ditto. Love the card, love the look, love our Mary! Those were really pretty dresses. Ceara must indeed be a special lady, to offer such a treat for Mary.