Monday, October 26, 2009

Gord's Gold

Last Friday Bryce and I went to the Gordon Lightfoot concert.

If I listen to "Early Morning Rain" on repeat I can make myself bawl.

In the early morning rain

With a dollar in my hand

With an achin' in my heart

And my pockets full of sand

I'm a long way from home

And I miss my loved ones so

In the early morning rain

With no place to go

(Dang, Gordon, you get me every time.)

Bryce and I thought we'd missed our chance to see him perform in this life since he'd been at death's door more than once, including being in a six-week coma at one point.

But there he was!

He is old. He doesn't have much range. He's lost the dexterity in one of his hands. But he still rocked.

We had a good time singing along (quietly). It was a very reserved crowd. We had the best seats though, fourth row, dead center. I really enjoyed hearing some of my favorite songs.

I was way jealous of the jacket hanging on the chair in front of us. That lady is a true fan. Bryce totally embarrassed me by actually telling the lady that I took a picture of her jacket and that I'd pay her $5 for it.

After the concert we talked about which songs we liked and didn't, whether we thought he might keel over on stage, and how glad we were to see him in concert.
(And then we said that we really need to find some singers who are closer to our own age.)
But we sure did have a fun time.

Thanks, Bryce, for being my hot date!

(And thanks, Gordon, for the show.)


Denalee said...

I hope he sang "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald"! Sounds like a great night ... (did the lady take $5?)

Rebecca and Co. said...

Ha! No, she was a good sport and played along with the joke. And yes, he did sing that song. It was one of his better numbers. Bryce was freaked out b/c they had a blue ambient light during that number and Gordon looked like a ghost from the wreckage himself. LOL

Mopsie said...

I don't know why I'm always shocked when I see singers who were popular when I was young, but all I can think is, Dang, you're old! (Why can't you stay youthful, like me?) Glad you enjoyed the concert. We joked that you were probably the youngest people there. Were you?

Rebecca and Co. said...

Mom, yes, BY FAR.