Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A List of 9 for 09-09-09

1. Harrison can ride his new "tippy bike" without training wheels! On Monday morning (Labor Day) Tyce took the boys out for a driveway ride. Tyce decided to teach Harrison to balance and go, and after a 30-second lesson Harrison cruised down the driveway and into the street, looking like a pro. Stopping was a different matter--he crashed into the neighbors' trashcans and Grandpa Al's truck! But he just kept getting up and going. It's now two days later and he can stop quite well.

(I forgot to mention that the same thing was true of swimming--Tyce gave Harrison a mini-lesson and suddenly Harrison could swim. For real. In the deep end and everything.)

2. Cameron doesn't seem to feel the need to compete with Harrison on his accomplishments. He's happy for him but doesn't care to try those things for himself just yet.

3. I put in my track change request during the summer, after getting the letter that Mary would be assigned to Track 3 again this year. It was a great track for us last year because of the twins' preschool schedule, but the summer break was awful . . . as in non-existent.

To make a long story short, Mary has been moved to Track 4 with Mrs. Cropp. Finally! Mrs. Cropp was Tyce's teacher one year and we love her.

4. Miss Mary got her hair done again this weekend and it is adorable. But it still took 3 hours to get it washed and styled. On the upside, I went to the Mexican market and got a delicious plum. And read an entire issue of Good Housekeeping. And listened to all the beauty shop gossip.

5. Tyce is trying out for the basketball team at Brown. Today is school picture day and he looks sharp. He's worn a suit and tie every year for school pictures since 5th grade. I think it is so unsual and awesome. He's an enigma to me because last week I wore myself out trying to make him pull up his ghetto-slacker shorts.

6. I spend too much time trying to control things. And people.

7. It is really hard for me not to roll my eyes when the big kids make outrageous statements such as, "School is so boring," or "All the other kids have cell phones," or "I'm different than you! I don't like to clean." (What?) One day I got scolded by Mary for rolling my eyes at her. And I thought, Holy Cow, it really IS hard.

I try to model the behavior I want my kids to exhibit but apparently I have failed on this count.

8. Someone has made off with my cheese grater. I attempted to make zucchini bread out of the 2-foot long vegetables Grandpa Al gave me from his garden, but it's pretty hard to grate the zucchini without a grater. I can only imagine it is outside somewhere, being used as a hotel for slugs. But no one will admit to knowing where it is. Really? Hmm.

Must. stop. self. from . . . rollingmyeyes!!!! Ugh! Sorry, I couldn't help it.

9. Sometimes I would really like to get a job, as in go back to work. Do you ever feel that way?


The Hardy's said...

Great list. Just a cool thing...I read your list when it was 9 hours old.

The Hardy's said...

Can I get Tyce to teach Evan and Mason to ride without training wheels? We haven't tried yet, but it sound like Tyce has it down pat.

I also love that you want to get a job somedays. A few weeks ago Rex told me that he used to wish he could stay home and send me to work, but now he's glad that HE'S the one that gets to go. Sometimes you just need a little break and a few hours to yourself. I'm with ya.

Emmy said...

Love this list! Glad she got in the track you wanted.

Denalee said...

Great list. What book club do you belong to? What types of books do you read? What freelance writing do you do? You're an amazing person.

brooklyn said...

I'm so impressed (and a little envious) that you have such a great teacher in Tyce! Good for both of them!

Fun hearing what everybody is up to. We can't wait to see you soon!

Mopsie said...

What a neat idea, your list of 9. Go, Harrison! How nice that he's athletic, and how doubly nice that Cam doesn't resent it. And really nice that Tyce will take the time to teach the boys things. Go Tyce!Can't wait to see Mary's hair. Is it anything you could do yourself??? Go Rebie! (and Go Bryce! don't want to leave you out)