Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Yesterday I journaled about how hard it is raising a 13-year-old boy. Oh man, did I pour my heart out. It's been rough around here lately, and I'm sure he'd agree (though he'd probably journal about how difficult his parents are).

At dinner that very night Tyce said, "Oh by the way, I'm Student of the Month."

"You're what?" I asked, choking on my spaghetti. "Studying the months?"

"No, I'm Student of the Month! At school! And we get to go on a field trip during lunch, so I have a form for you to sign."

Student of the Month? That's good, right? It's not code for detention or anything?

"Oh, and I have all A's in my classes so far," he elaborated.

You could have knocked me over with the No Wimps sticker he bought from his friend Elijah.

"Well, I am really, really proud of you, Tyce. That's awesome! Great job," I said.

Apparently, gratefully, there are some areas where things are going better than expected.


Emmy said...

Yeah!! I so am not looking forward to the teenage years. From everything I have read on your blog I think you are doing a great job and don't give yourself enough credit.

Dad77345 said...

*Proud Grandpa*

That's our Tyce! Congrats to him (and to the good parents who raise him).

Mopsie said...

"Proud Grandma" too!
We know Tyce is very special, but it's nice to have the school notice it, too. We SO enjoyed our time with him last weekend. Wish we were closer. Love you, Tyce!

Kelinn Beardall said...

I have to say I loved Tyce in primary. He obviously knew a lot more than any of the other kids and was very smart. I found the trick though was to keep him very busy. Staying at the slow speed the other kids needed wasn't good enough for Tyce.