Monday, September 14, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Is today the day? Is it? Do I have preschool today? Is today my first day?

Yes, my perky perserverating fellow, I do believe it is.

(Woo hoo!)

Cameron and Harrison went with their little friend Kennedy to preschool today. When I picked them I couldn't wait to hear about their day. But all I got out of them--meaning, my boys--was, "Can we get ice cream? Aww, why not? We were good!"

I thought, if I get you ice cream today, the first day of school, you will ask me every single school day from now until kindergarten.

That Kennedy is adorable. She is high-energy and a lot of fun to be around. At first I wondered if my boys would be a little much for her to take, but I think they all appreciate the same level of noise and the fine art of slapstick humor.

It appears that today was a fine start to the preschool year.


Emmy said...

Yeah! Glad they like it

Rachel McEwen said...

The whole conversation to school was about all of their backpacks. what is on them, who they like, etc. hilarious to listen to.

Anonymous said...

How cute!