Thursday, April 2, 2015

Disneyland Overload

Had a blast at the happiest place on earth! We got our tax refund and headed off to California. The kids were surprisingly nice to each other--like strangely, overly nice. I guess they didn't want to ruin a good thing with their normal behavior.

Bryce had the good idea to give the kids Visa gift cards for the trip so they could pay for their own food and souvenirs as they saw fit. Two of the kids were frugal, so much so that they had a lot of money left over. Two of them spent every last dime. One of them blew the entire amount the very first day and had absolutely no money left over for food. On the one hand he loved his purchases. On the other, he begged and cried for better food than granola bars and beef jerky from a backpack.

The two nights we spent were awful because of people's significant sleep issues but somehow the days were pretty good. Sometimes it feels like Bryce and I are up 24 hours a day.

However. We had a lot of fun though and I'm really glad we went.

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