Thursday, April 16, 2015

My Birthday AND Easter

When I was a little girl in elementary school--8? 10?--my mom used her perpetual calendar to figure out that my birthday would finally be on Easter when I turned 41. Of course that seemed a million  years away back then. But lo and behold, the blessed day finally arrived and what a treat it was to celebrate my special day on THE most special day of the year.

Mary decorated this egg for me.

Since Easter always coincides with spring break the kids were off school. Bryce took the twins to Utah while I worked full-time hours for Clinique bonus time. (I was incredibly busy.) Mary went with Nikki's family to the beach in southern California. Tyce stayed here. The boys were back on Saturday night but Mary didn't come home until late on Sunday. She is my cheerleader and fan so I definitely did miss my sweet girl that day.

But we had a great day of General Conference and Easter gifts AND birthday things.

Instead of a cake Bryce made me these awesome fruit cones!

Are these beautiful or what?

Oooh, pretty.
 Harrison made me a giant poster. Forty-one puppies for 41 years!

Very sweet.
 Cameron's card came with candy!

I'm a smartie.
 My handsome boys and I.

Serious one.

Harrison's face!
Some highlights were these messages:

From Bryce: Happy Birthday to the love of my life! One of the hardest working and most compassionate people I know. I can never keep up with her enthusiasm to do good. I hope we fill your day with a few of your favorite things.

 From my dadHappy Birthday to our beautiful daughter, Rebecca Jones. Her sweet spirit is a blessing to our family and to anyone who knows her. It is a blessing to be her dad.

 I am grateful for wonderful people in my life and I am glad to be alive another year.

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