Thursday, April 2, 2015

California Adventure

Next day, California Adventure! This was my first time, though the second (or more) for the others. We spent part of the day here and then went back to Disneyland to do some of the things we liked the most.

Highlights of California Adventure were the Cars ride, where Harrison got to drive us all; playing in the snow at Frozen; and the Toy Story ride. Mary loved the roller coasters. The rest of us endured them to varying degrees.

When all was said and done we rode the Indiana Jones ride 6 times! At the end Bryce wanted us to take a family picture with "cousin Indy" but it was super crowded. So we went into a gift shop to try on hats. I only have a snake around my neck and I cut off Tyce's head and will it surprise you to hear that Harrison utterly refused to pose with us? Well, to get the perfect picture I guess this means that we'll have to go back. That'd be fine with me.

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