Thursday, February 19, 2015

I Have Returned

Well well well. Look who it is. The girl who can't find her camera battery and feels lame about not having pictures from Christmas. And so the blog dies of neglect, right? WRONG.

Because here I am and even though I'm skipping Christmas for now (and new year's and Mary's birthday) the blog is getting a little CPR and I promise to be back to normal soon.

Let me just tell you a few things that have happened or been on my mind.

My mom went in the hospital for an out-of-control wound on her leg and she was delirious. It was scary to be so far away; probably just as scary to be right there. Either way there's a lack of control that reminds me that life is fragile. She was in the hospital for several days but is doing well now. Back to work and all of the normal life things.

This is my second year as the president of the stake Young Women and this year has been harder BY FAR than my first year. I think I was lucky at the beginning, that things fell into place and everything we tried worked out. Like I said, lucky, not even realizing it. Anyway. Not that things have been horrible but every meeting, every activity seems to be like wading through molasses and people are harder to work with. Not sure why but man, this is a big job.

Speaking of jobs, I absolutely love working for Clinique at Macy's but I HATE having to work on Sundays. I don't have to do it often but I feel awful when I do. If I were a doctor or police woman I would understand that people need care every single day. But I sell cosmetics--not exactly a lifesaving, noble calling. However, when I work any day but Sunday I am really happy. There's nothing better than making people feel good.

I am glad I can even have this job, because Bryce is so flexible and supportive of me. He has an exciting new venture himself: he and Heather are training for the San Francisco half marathon in July! He's been running and eating healthy and I'm super proud of him. He's already lost 10 pounds and he's nearly worked up to running a 5K.

The kids are fine, good. I could write paragraphs but here's a little glimpse into each:

Tyce--still looking for a job.

Mary--told me that our mother-daughter relationship is better than most. I have to agree. That made me feel good.

Cameron and Harrison--starting flag football soon.

Kate--still the best dog ever.

 So sorry for my absence but I hope to be back full-time from now on.

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