Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Things the Twins Say

At Food 4 Less for an after-school snack.

Cameron: I can't wait till I'm 20. No, 40. Then I'll have lots of money for an awesome car.

Me:  I'm 40 and *I* don't have money for an awesome car.

Cam:  That's because you spend all your money on makeup, and food that we obviously don't need.

Me:  Like these cheese puffs?

Cam:  No. Well. Ah, that's hard.


Later that afternoon they ate pomegranates. They had to choose a fruit before they could eat their junk food.

Cam: I'm really glad you got us these pocket knives, Mom!

Me:  Oh good. Why's that?

Cam:  They come with tweezers and that's how Harrison and I are getting those little seeds out.


Before bed with Harrison.

Me:  Do you know who's speaking at General Conference in this picture?

Harrison:  Oh! It's that one guy . . . hm. The 12th Apostle?

Me: He's AN apostle. President Uchtdorf.

Harrison:  That picture was too tiny. If I'd have seen his hair I would have known.


Me:  We need to make sure we say our prayers. Do you pray on your own?

Harrison:  Yes, every day. When I'm scared, or need help. Guess how many blessings I have. Billions. Because I have faith. That's how I found the Roku remote that one time under a pile of clothes.

(Bryce said that Harrison also tells him he can tell which packs of baseball cards have Giants in them because he has faith.)


Harrison:  You know who I like? Cole Hardy. He is always smiling. He was so happy to do his part in the Primary program. If I were a little kid I would ask Cole to be my best friend.

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