Thursday, October 23, 2014

Headlines from my Life

I made banana bread. It was dry because I made a double batch and only used 5 instead of 6 bananas. Should have frozen the fruit for smoothies.

Dinner menu this week has been going well. Last night: fish tacos.

I was employee of the week. Key word for me was "conscientious."

Mary has been very happy back at home.

I accidentally threw my keys away at lunch and they got destroyed in the industrial trash compactor at Macy's.

Harrison dressed up as a soldier for career day. Cameron is a lawyer.

All three younger kids have their Halloween costumes set. Watch out for Attack on Titan member, a Creeper from Minecraft, and a hot dog.

Tyce transferred his church records over to the singles ward.

I had a stake training planned for tonight but it has been postponed due to a regional training the next day. Hello.

I chose honesty over keeping quiet and I think I lost a friend.

Our boys are Webelos at Scouts now.

I got up to see the sun rise.

Life is going pretty well.

And that's about all I have to say for now.

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