Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer Days

I have lots more pictures to upload but here are scenes from a typical summer day.

Mary jammed to her iPod. Her favorites artists include Taylor Swift, The Fray, Linkin Park (some songs), Audrey Assad (a Christian singer). She can't do chores without singing at the top of her lungs, lost in her own world.

 Art projects like this fashion oragami are staples for her.

Tyce signed off some Cub Scout stuff for Harrison. Oh and guess what...Tyce got a job at Albertsons!

Official stamp of big-brother approval.

Harrison showed off his mending skills. He repaired a lot of stuffed animals this summer. He's really good with a needle and thread.

Sock monkey surgery was a success.

Cameron amused us with his commentary. For example, one day at Walmart Tyce got a bag of Cheetos with his own money. As he and Cam walked to the check-out Cameron said, "Those are MY Cheetos." Reaching for Cameron's toy Tyce retorted, "Then that's MY sock monkey." Cameron nodded his head in defeat and said, "Touche."

Funny guy.
Anyway, I've been remiss in writing but will get my act together soon. You may be interested to know that we have decided to homeschool Mary this year and that I am submitting my application to substitute teach. It's going to be a little crazy around here but then again...when is it not?

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Silver Strands said...

Great summer pics! And wow... any Mom who can homeschool is a hero. Brad's put in his application to substitute teach as well ... here's hoping it pays the bills!

I love how intensly Mary is working on her fashion design :) All beautiful kids!