Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kess's Birthday

Bryce and the boys were in Utah for two whole weeks! Mary and I were only there for one, but it was a blast. Here are some pictures from Kess's 11th birthday, when we went a water slide park and then had a little party.

Mary and me.





Harrison coming off the long water slide.

Heather and Betsie going down together!

Check out Kess.

I thought I was going to die but I made it. I was by far the biggest wimp of the day, and that's including 3-year-old Natasha.

Bryce, looking triumphant.

Kess loved going down the slides with her aunts.

Kira shakes her hair back and forth.

There goes Heather down one of the long slides!

Mary, Harrison, and Natasha waited to see when Cam came down the bouncy slide so they could run back up and bounce in to him.


Bryce keeping cool with Cam and Mare.

Kess got some great things for her birthday.

The Price family: Natasha, Kess, Betsie, Kira, Andy, and their nephew Ryker.

The 11-year-old birthday girl, the fabulous Miss Kess! She is such a sweetheart and I'm glad she's in our family.

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