Friday, July 26, 2013

All About Tyce

While Mary and I were at girls camp, Tyce and the twins and Lauren(!) went to Utah with Bryce for the week. I missed his birthday, which was sad and lame for me. Can you believe he is 17?

(A few days before Mary and I left, Tyce's dear friend Lauren came to visit us in Nevada. She rode with the men to Utah, where she spent the night at Al and Judy's house before hopping a plane home to Colorado. She is a sweetheart.)

So even though I wasn't there it seems that he was well-taken care of. He got money from the Cook grandparents, which is always a delight for a teenager. The Jones grandparents took him to the Bombay House for dinner, and then shopping for clothes. Lauren gave him the Nike shirt he wore on his special day. And I have to say, spending half a week with Lauren was probably the best present of them all.

Look at all those candles on that cute cake!

Opening presents with style.

Tyce and Lauren.

The next week he went to his very favorite activity of the summer, YASE. It is BYU's Young Ambassador's Singing Entertainers workshop, which means a week of intense singing, dancing, and performing. This was his first year making it in to the Showcase, the concert on Friday night; besides the group numbers, a handful of singers are chosen to perform special numbers they've prepared. Tyce auditioned with his friend Amy, singing a duet of the song "For Good" from the musical Wicked. Bryce and Heather attended the audition and they thought it was iffy as to whether Tyce and Amy would make it was good but not spectacular. But they did, and when they performed it a the concert they were AMAZING. They totally deserved to be there and they were indeed spectacular.

We had great seats!

Tyce came out first in their duet.

Then Amy joined him.

She has such a lovely voice. And so does Tyce.

The final number.

After the performance with the beautiful and talented Miss Amy.

The singer with his parents.

We were so proud of him!

Tyce had the support of us, Heather, Aunt Betsie and her older girls Kess and Kira, the grandparents, and his siblings.

How cute is this picture of the boy and his cute sis?

Those weeks were the highlights of his summer so far, for sure. In August he has the chamber choir retreat but in the meantime, he's looking for a job (as is every other teenager in the city).

I have enjoyed him playing his guitar more; he got new strings and the instrument came back to life. There's pretty much nothing better to me than to have my kids play music around the house.

We love Tyce. He has a kind, sweet spirit and when he uses his talents for good, there is no finer person in this world.

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