Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving in Utah

Wow, that was a fun trip! It was awesome to have a real family reunion with all of Bryce's sisters and their families. Heather and Kim and Ben drove all the way from Houston! They got there a few days before we did (they started out on Saturday) and our family arrived late Wednesday night. I'm so grateful Al and Judy have a house big enough for us all and the desire to entertain us (and the patience).

We enjoyed our Thanksgiving meal, family pictures, eating at the new Bombay House, country line dancing, ice skating, playing at the park, board and card games, and non-stop cousin fun. I feel so blessed to have a nephew and nieces whom I ADORE and find to be wonderful, interesting, delightful kids. I also love my sisters-in-law to the moon and back and consider them some of my dearest friends.

1. Thanksgiving Day
Judy made a delicious turkey and the girls all made the sides. We had a feast, that's for sure. Kess and Mary set the tables and they did a lovely job. Some people watched football, some people played games, but whatever we did I think it was just nice to be together.
Betsie, Kess, and Kim in the kitchen.

Harrison wanted to help.

Kess showed off the grown-up table.

Harrison was obsessed with bunny ears.

After dinner, Ben and Mary relaxed.

Cam an Kira were little buddies all day.

Hanging out.

2. Family Pictures
Since we were all together it seemed like a great idea to have family pictures done. We went to Murray Park and had a great photographer who really worked with and around our craziness.

Bryce and me.

I love this one!

Kim did the Pee Wee Herman dance on the table!

Ben did the Gangam Style dance--he was awesome! lady!

All 8 grandkids of Al and Judy Jones.

Tyce gave Aunt Heather a piggy back ride!


Harrison (in blue) and Cameron on a really cool spinny thing that Cameron called a "toilet seat".

Bryce and Grandpa Al spinning the boys.

Pretty Mary.

Mary and Kess.

Mary, Kira, and Kess.

Two 16-year-old cool guys in a tree.

Tyce contemplates the world.

Shh, they're meditating. Or modeling.

Ben strikes a pose.

Heather with 2-year-old niece Natasha.

Pretty 6-year-old Kira.

Lovely 12-year-old Mary.

I liked these both so much I couldn't decided between them.

Mary and Harrison.

Check out how high they were!

3. Bombay House and Line Dancing
The Provo location will always be our favorite but it was awesome to have a Bombay House open up right next to Bryce's parents in Jordan Landing. After dinner the adult kids went country line dancing; that was definitely a new activity to all of us. It was super fun though, from actually dancing to watching the people. I can't tell you the last time I was in a country western bar (if ever?). Kim graciously ordered us a round of waters which I'm sure annoyed the waitress. Ha. Bryce was my real-live urban cowboy because he rode the mechanical bull! And so did Betsie.

All the adults and teens at dinner. We love our Indian food.

Heather learning one of the dances.

Andy and Betsie; as Betsie said, "Andy is not impressed."

Bryce and Kim tore it up! Bryce was my partner and he did a great job.

How cute are these Jones kids?! Bryce, Kim, Heather, and Betsie.

Betsie rode the bull and did great.

Bryce did too. They both said it was harder than it looked and Bryce was afraid he'd hit his head on the ceiling.

4. The Dogs
Cameron and Harrison especially loved playing with Heather's dog Daisy and Kim's dog Callay, mostly because our own dog doesn't give the boys the time of day. Cameron just loved that he could say "Paw" and she'd give him her paw, and "Hug" which meant that she's stand up and put her arms around his neck! Who wouldn't love a giant, friendly dog to cuddle with?

Two pretty blondes, Heather and Daisy--I will have to figure out how to turn this around.

Harrison and Callay.

Our Katie, a bit of a snob.

5. Ice Skating and the Wishbone
We took the kids to the rink they like to go to and I am impressed with their skill. While we were there Tyce went to his friend Heidi's house in Alpine. Later that night the twins got to finally, finally break the wishbone (after much asking and pestering). Cameron won but was disappointed that he didn't wake up to an iPhone 5, which is what he admitted to wishing for.

Poor Harrison biffed it right away!

But he got back on the ice without a problem.

Bryce is ready for the movie "Blades of Glory".

Coming around the bend.

A fair contest.
Tyce and his talented friend Heidi. They sang together a lot.

So that was our trip and we loved every minute of it. Now it's back to real life and I will admit that it's kind of hard to get back in the swing of things. As everyone always says, we need a vacation from our vacation. But I wouldn't have traded that time with family for the world. I am thankful for them and I am truly blessed.

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