Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mary's Hair

Last night I took Mare to a different salon because her regular stylist was out of town and we had an emergency on our hands--family pictures this week, and a girl who hadn't had her hair done since before school started. Anyway, this new lady, Daria, was a stylish African-American woman at Divine Salon (on Horizon) and it worked out great; Mary absolutely loved her and her hair looked cute.

I asked her what she talked with Daria about and she said, "I told her about 'Outnumbered' [a British sitcom on PBS] and I did all my accents for her. I also told her about Monty Python and I kept saying, 'You stupid English kiniget! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!'"

"Oh wow," I said. "Daria really got the real you, didn't she!"

"Yes. I also told her about my favorite scenes in the Redwall books and did my Yick voice [a British baby shrew]."

Seeing her antics through Daria's eyes made me self-conscious because, really, could Mary have sounded any whiter? I don't even like or talk about those things myself.

Anyway. Here's my dilemma.

We've been going to Lakeisha for years and I am very loyal to her. But Mary is now in love with Daria and wants to make the switch. I don't know how to handle that because not only is Lakeisha her long-time stylist, she's also our friend. She's my facebook friend and even invited Mary to her own daughter's birthday party! Have you ever severed a relationship like that and if so, how do you not make it personal? Is that even a possibility?

First world problems, I know.

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SweetmamaK said...

First off, you must post pictures of her hair= Second off I have no idea how to handle this and third off, I guess great minds think a like bc I just updated my last fb post to say that my last rant was definatly a first world problem LOL Miss you !