Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Four More Years

Holy cow, I have never been so glad to have an election be over. Was this the worst campaign season you've ever experienced? In terms of political calls (20+ a day for both Obama and Romney), mean-spirited posts, broad-stroke name-calling, incessant TV ads, these past 3 months have been almost unbearable. And now that the results are in I've never had so many friends threaten to move to Canada. Really? 

I remember writing in my journal in 1992: "Well Clinton got elected so now our country is doomed." (Or something like that.) Of course I was 18 and filled with equal parts melodrama and inexperience. However, I graduated from college, got married, started a family, lived a normal life. And so I am here to say that thanks to America's system of checks and balances, one man's four- or eight-year term will probably not ruin your life.

In talking with my seminary class this morning, these are some things I took as good reminders about the election no matter what your political beliefs.

1. Preach what you love, not what you hate.

2. Don't stoop to racist or religious remarks or name-calling, ever.

3. Take care of yourself and your needs. Get your own house in order.

4. Vote when you can (as in, when you are old enough). Be informed.

5. Keep calm. This isn't the zombie apocalypse.

6. Respect differences. For as strongly as you hold to your convictions, there are people on the other side of the fence who are equally principled, educated, and passionate about their beliefs.

7. Pray for our President and leaders that they will do what's right for our nation.

8. Remember that our ultimate Leader is still--and will always be--Jesus Christ.

We still have our families and our friends. We still have our faith. Sometimes life is rough and sometimes it doesn't seem fair. Through the Atonement all injustices will be worked out, whether in this life or the next. Does that mean we stop standing up for what we believe in here and now? No, we absolutely need to work for what we think is right, with our voices and our votes. But true change doesn't stem from anger and hate; it never does.

I vote for flowers.

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SweetmamaK said...

wonderful post and really you are right, this isn't the zombie apocalypse. (for which we are truly prepared for) What I think is funny that the same people who are against obamacare are for moving to Canada with socialized medicine. I think the irony is lost on them. I for one voted for the Libertarians, I know it was a wasted vote, but I voted my conscience.