Thursday, November 15, 2012

Busy Week

I haven't even had time to get on the computer. Doctors appointments, school functions, church activities, homework and projects . . . what else? I guess when you have several kids those things are enough. Seminary kicked my butt this week, meaning that I was and am still exhausted from my 5:00 am wake-up call. My sister-in-law Kim said that any time you set your alarm for a number that you can count on one hand, that's too early.  Thank goodness my partner teaches tomorrow because otherwise I'd have to conference call my class from my bed (and all they'd hear is snoring).

Speaking of seminary, Tyce has been going to the senior class instead of the juniors. That is fine by me because--let's just say he and I have control issues in the classroom. I don't know how other parents handle teaching their own kids but every time I'm in charge of my own children they are the most difficult students in the group. At least this way he's with a wonderful teacher and he's really getting something out of seminary, a marked change from before. (He was an angel for me the first three weeks but then the honeymoon was over.) Sister Banks says he is great in her class, participates, answers questions, actually opens his scriptures. I know that's how he is--an awesome kid--and I'm glad to hear that if he can't be that way for me, at least he's being that way for her.

(On a side note, he's been pleasant and cheerful to me in every other venue: the car, home, appointments, via text, etc. Literally everywhere but seminary.)


As if teaching my own children didn't freak them out enough, I'm applying to be a substitute teacher in the public school. This is my answer to the "how do I get a job when I can only work during school hours" question. I can't believe I never considered that option before--I like kids and I like flexibility, and the pay is as good as other options I've considered. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it works out.

Last night I got to enjoy Basic's chamber singers perform at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts. They are such a talented group and it was a pleasure to listen and enjoy their company.

The other kids are doing fine. Mary has really enjoyed helping the Hardys, our around-the-corner-neighbors, on Sunday mornings. She loves those kids. The twins are really doing well with reading and are happy at school and at home unless Mary babysits them. I'm pretty sure Mary is nicer to other kids than she is to the twins; but then again, they do push her buttons. Cameron and Harrison have enjoyed walking or riding home from school with friends.

I wish Bryce and I could take a 6-week vacation together, alone. I think that I will always wish we had more time to spend together.

Now I'm off to clean and do errands. Must recharge before the kids come home.

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SweetmamaK said...

So often I feel the same way, my kids are angels unless I'm teaching them. And I would like to sail off with Robert, We decided once David can drive, we will go somewhere extended. Which I'm both happy and sad that it's only two years away