Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mary's letter at Open House

The kids practiced their form by writing letters to their parents. This is Mary's entertaining epistle that Bryce picked up at Open House on Thursday night.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am enjoying 4th grade and my teacher is really nice and we do a lot of work! We've done about 4 tests already. I have 7 Knutson dollars! We are reading books for Readers' Workshop and I am reading Charlotte's Web. It's really good so far but Wilbur, a baby pig, is lonely, sad, and has no friends. One night Wilbur hears a small voice that says I will be your friend. Wilbur says but I can't see you and the voice says you will see me in the morning.

Anyway, today is P.E. and I'm looking forward to the game we're going to play. I think we'll play outside because of the nice weather.

Today the lunch is blucky so I think I'll skip it but I'm going to sit by Sara and see if I can knock some sense into that girl. She really drives me nuts with all her goo goo gaga behavior! I think that I'll play with Niki at recess!

I hope we'll play Skunk this afternoon because last time I got 0 points. It's quite frustrating.

Now we're back from lunch and I think my bladder is about to burst but I'm going to have to suck it up 'cause it'll cost me a Knutson dollar to go but I swear I went at lunch time.



Emmy said...

Love that letter! She is quite the writer, very descriptive :)

Tracey said...

So much laughter in your house. Can I come live with you?!

Mopsie said...

I love that she writes like she talks - I can just hear her saying all that. Love that girl!