Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mare and her Hair

I took some pictures with Bryce's camera yesterday and today, which we were fortunate enough to access. (His camera has issues. Information goes in but does not want to come out . . . much like one of our stonewalling children.)

Here's Mary on the first day. We did some low loopy ponytails with ribbons. This is a lot like the styles we used to do and I think it made her feel more comfortable. From a stylist's standpoint--and yes, I am referring to myself--the relaxed hair is way easier to work with.

This is a picture to show off her cute dress.

Today was a hair down day and I love it. This time I think Mary did too.

On her way to school. This is truly the best picture of her hair style but you will have to enlarge it to see better.

(This is a repeat for some of you, but I had this exchange with Mary on Sunday night:

Me: Do you want me to take you to school tomorrow or do you want to ride your scooter?

Mary: I want to ride. I can't wait to get back on the old gal.)

Like my dad said, she looks beautiful no matter what but I really like this new look.


Rachel McEwen said...

it is so funny cuz i took my neice shopping and we tried on that same dress and loved it. She really does look beautiful!

brooklyn said...

she's gorgeous!

Denalee said...

so cute!

A Real Key Largo Housewife said...

Love the dress and the hair.

The Hardy's said...

Ditto. When I saw her hair on Sunday, I thought it looked so cute.

BTW, the dress is way cute!