Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School

Sigh of relief.

Two at school, two at home . . . I know this is bad but I'm thinking, "Hold on. Why are half of you still here?"

Prechool starts September 14th, which is about 23,344,535 days away.

Cameron's hourly "Is today the day we go to Pre-K?" is taking its toll on me. It's been about 58 minutes, so I'm bracing myself.

Harrison threw my camera last night because he was mad at me. I am just so mean, as you all know. And now my camera is broken, or at least injured. It won't open. I'd say that's a bad sign.

These kids.

If I were at church I'd say that with a frown-smile.


In preparation for the first day, I took Miss Mary to a salon to get her hair done.

She wanted it straightened. The stylist made it pretty clear that she wasn't impressed with my hair-doing skills.

(She was nice about it but I got the hint.)

The shop was run like a doctor's office. Our appointment was for noon but we waited and didn't finish up until 4. Poor Mary was dying of fidgety-ness.

But I think she looked gorgeous in the end!

But guess what. After her initial delight with her new look, she hated it.

It was the I'm-not-going-to-church-but-if-you-make-me-I'm-going-to-hide-in-the-mother's-lounge kind of hate.

She said, "I'm supposed to be the girl with the braids and the puff-puffs! I don't like this straight hair. I wish I had never had it done! I want to go and wash it out right now!"

(LaKeisha, I know you're going to blame me when we come for our next appointment, but what can I do?)

Well this morning she got over it and she looked beautiful. I'd show you a picture but Harrison broke my camera, remember?

Mary is entering 4th grade at Sue Morrow Elementary. She is excited for a new year.

Tyce is entering 8th grade at Brown Junior High. Somehow he bamboozled me into buying this $7 preschool-sized backpack at Wal-Mart. All I know is that four kids were going in four different directions, and I'm shouting, "Yes! I mean, no. What? Hold on."

And I ended up shelling out the cash for a Spiderman bag that will likely last as many days as dollars spent.

I think he'll either get a high-five for his kitchy selection or an Indian rug burn for being weird.

We will see.

I have laundry and dishes to do. And apparently twins to keep track of. But I am excited for our back-to-school feast for tonight!

I can't wait for Tyce and Mare to come home and tell me all about their days. The first day of school is always the best.


Denalee said...

Once again, Rebecca, you've made my day! I'd love to be a fly on the wall in your home :)

Mary is GORGEOUS!!!!! I may have to pop in and see her in person since you can't take a picture.

I had no one left at home, and STILL wonder where the time went today! (actually, I did FINALLY cross off a few things that have been on my "to do" list pretty much every day this summer)


Rachel McEwen said...

mary's hair look awesome!! She looked so grown up in that picture! I am glad that she got over it cuz she looks great.

P.s. Luv Tyce's back pack:)

Emmy said...

I got the exact same backpack for Lucas :)
And I LOVE her hair!! It is amazing how much older it makes her look. It is seriously beautiful!

Dad77345 said...

Our Mary is beautiful, no matter what style her hair is in. Hope she and Tyce had a good 'first day back at school'. Wish we were there to hear the report.

brooklyn said...

good luck enduring until your break! i'll be anxious to hear how all of them adjust to school.

i love mary's hair! i wish i could see it all down. i love her puffs too, but change is fun every once in a while.

Mopsie said...

Miss Mary does indeed look gorgeous (and older). Maybe you don't want that just yet . . .
But as Dad said, she's always beautiful.
Tyce will be fine, no matter what. He's truly his own unique self.