Sunday, September 14, 2014


Man things have been busy. I'm finding it more difficult than expected to add this part-time job to my full-time life. The parts I love: my boss and coworkers, doing makeovers and consultations, and making my sales goals. The part I hate: having to make my sales goals.

Oh, I had one really bad experience in a makeover with liquid eyeliner that I hope to erase from that poor client's memory. Let's just say I have my strengths and applying even lines with a liquid pen is SO not one of them.

I've been wearing my Young Womanhood medallion with my uniform.

This is the "old" necklace because I earned this in 2003 (or so). A few people have asked me what building that is (the Salt Lake temple). I explain that this symbol inspires me to keep my standards. Several people have recognized the pendant and so we've had a shared connection as members of the same church. Both are good things.

In my regular life I am a regular gal. Most people are a lot like me. But at work I am quite a curiosity because I have FOUR kids, I don't smoke, swear, or drink--but the one that makes me stand out the most is that I've just re-entered the workforce after a 16-year hiatus.

This job takes a lot of hustle. I dare say I work harder as a Clinique girl than any other position I've had, including the ones that utilized my college degree. And yet when I look at my paycheck I'm like: Whoa. That's not a lot of dough. Bryce literally makes 10 times what I do. It makes me grateful that he does, because if we both made what I do we wouldn't be able to survive. Don't get me wrong, I like my job. But it's nice to know that if I need a change I have a Bachelor's degree to fall back on. Ha.

Anyway. Most of the kids have been doing great. The twins are loving 4th grade. Harrison has the goal to never miss school and to make straight As. Cameron tried out and was selected for two school choirs: the general one and the select one. Mary is rocking 9th grade and is doing amazingly well. She and a few friends are obsessed with an anime called Attack on Titan. Nikki bought matching jackets for herself and Mary, and Bella bought matching capes. The first day Mary wore her jacket she got a ton of shout-outs from strangers who were fellow fans. That made her day!

Bryce is filling in where I am suddenly missing and he's doing a great job. Every woman should have a man so good to their family.

I am so very fortunate that I have not had to work any Sundays. My boss knows that I don't want to but my big, big boss made it clear that I couldn't rule it out. Honestly I feel blessed that I haven't even been scheduled that day--if I am I plan on switching but that hasn't even come up. So today after church we had our first youth committee meeting of the new school year. We have 16 kids from the stake serving and the co-chair, Emily, did a great job conducting the meeting. We have fabulous young people in this world. I always feel blessed to work with some of the finest.

I've had a lot of deep thoughts lately but not enough time to write them down. Maybe I'll get to that soon. Topics include rising up to challenges, how flowers are the lipsticks of the landscaping world, and the nature of our Heavenly Parents.

You know, I have many good people who make my life enjoyable. I am blessed.

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