Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Double Digits for the Twins

Our boys turned 10 on September 3rd. They are such good kids.

Before school,

Bryce got them donuts for breakfast. Cameron was especially offended at having to go to school, especially because their birthday fell on a Wednesday and they'd had the prior two days off for Labor Day and Teacher Development. But they were good sports.

I got them Happy Meals from McDonald's and brought them to school for lunch. They were more interested in the toy (a football player) than in the food. I enjoyed seeing their friends.

Harrison and his pals.

Cameron was at the same table a few kids down.
That night we had our family party. We got them pocket knives and Legos. Bryce held back gifts he'd bought in Tijuana when he went on a work trip (to California) in May: leather stool stamped with the Steelers logo for Cam; a Mexican blanket backpack embroidered with the logo of the Ravens. Those were the hits of the night.

Boys and their cakes.

Make a wish!

They loved their gifts.

Bryce got them baseball chips (like poker chips).

How cute are those excited faces?
After the party they got a phone call from Mopsie and Grandpa. The boys loved the cards they got from them--the kind that sing!

Haha, Harrison!
The boys got a little money from us to spend how they wanted so that night we went to Target. Later that night they couldn't get over how this was "the best birthday ever." They are so very sweet and I love them so very much. Happy birthday, boys!

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Anonymous said...

I love that you made them each their own cake. Adorable!