Friday, April 25, 2014

Senior Prom

Tyce asked his friend Kayley to Prom and they went with a great group of friends, seniors and juniors. Kayley is such a sweet girl. She's in choir and she's also in band (a percussionist). She's even trying out for drum major next year. She and the other kids have been Tyce's BFFs this year and it has been wonderful--they are great people. And take a look at all those beautiful girls--how refreshing is it to see confident young women dressed so modestly?

Will it surprise you to hear that Tyce forbade us to take any pictures of him, or to have anything to do with Prom? Luckily I'm friends with Kayley's mom and asked her to tag me in in the pics she took.

Poor Kayley was super sick on the big night. But she'd planned on going for so long that nothing was going to stop her from having a great time.

Giving Kayley her corsage.

Outside Kayley's house.

It was a masquerade ball!

Paper faces on parade. Masquerade.

How cute is this?

The girls: Autumn D., Kayley M., Emily D., Keara H., Tayler H.
The guys: Zee Z., Tyce, Josh B., Dane S., Chris V.

When you're too tired to go on, it's nice to have someone give you a lift.

Face it guys, those girls will always be a little out of your reach!

They went to the dance, which was held in the Westin ballroom at Lake Las Vegas. After that they went to Dane's house, played games, and watched the movie Frozen. A fun night, it would seem.

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