Monday, April 28, 2014

A Million Pictures of Spring Break

Tyce had a bunch of obligations at home, Bryce had a ton of work to, and Mary utterly refused to ride in the car for 7 hours--so only the twins and I went to Utah for spring break. All in all, it was a lot easier only having the boys because there was no competition for the cousins' attention. The worst thing is that I ended up without their medication and Bryce had to FedEx it to me. We had a rough day waiting for it to arrive. And then guess what....after I gave the boys their pills the next day I LOST THE BAG. Seriously, I have no idea where it went. I even checked the trash. That was the worst $35 Bryce ever spent. Ugh. They were very busy the other days and so we were able to stave off some of the difficult behaviors.

Highlights of the trip included: me working out with Judy at Curves(!), the boys and I seeing the movie Rio 2 and getting smoothies from Jamba Juice, the whole family going to the super awesome Natural History Museum on the U of U campus, playing at Liberty Park, and having our annual Easter Egg Hunt.

One thing I really enjoyed was talking to my mother-in-law. Now that she's retired she's as busy as ever, just with household things. She is organizing her family history and has scanned over 10,000 photos of her kids and their growing up years. Next she's making books for each of them. That is the most overwhelming task I can imagine and I admire her taking it on. In looking at the pictures she told me stories that were so cool, just of regular family events but they were fascinating to me. The twins saw Bryce's school pictures from preschool till high school and Harrison exclaimed, "Can you believe that you ended up marrying this cute little boy?"

We came back on Saturday night, the day before Easter. It was a great little trip.

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