Monday, April 7, 2014

Milestone Birthday!

I turned the big 4-0 on Saturday. It sounds so old but I feel so young. On Friday night Bryce planned a very expensive outing for us, which he kept secret because he knows how I hate to spend money. He arranged to go to dinner with the Shapiros beforehand, with Jim driving. So I got dressed up and because they were running late, we walked over there. And then when I rang the doorbell . . .

A whole entryway full of friends sang Happy Birthday to me!

So he hadn't spend a lot of money but this was how he kept me from asking questions. There were a surprising amount of fibs told that week. About 20 of my friends showed up to help me ring in my new decade. The party was organized by my good friend Jennifer F. and she had lots of helpers to help make a great night.

Regular me and giant me. Thank you, Lauren for the poster and Holly for the balloons!

With Bryce.

8 dozen cupcakes and a fruit castle!!!! Thank you, Jennifer F., Verlynn, and Lori!

Another view of the treat table. There was a soft-serve ice cream maker outside too.

The check-in table where people wrote me super-nice cards. I loved reading them the next day. I have great friends.
The next day, Saturday, was my actual birthday. We had Tyce's friends Nick and Arturo spend the weekend with us so it was nice to have them over for General Conference. Their friend Austin also came for part of Saturday and part of Sunday. They are great boys. Nick reports to the MTC (missionary training center) on April 16th before going to Paris, France(!) and Arturo just put his mission papers in.

Me, on the morning of my 40th birthday.

My favorite present--a bowl of lollipops from my friend Jennifer C. that says "40 Sucks". Hahahaha!

Nick with his ukelele, and Arturo.

Later that night we actually went out to dinner, which I'd been looking forward to the night before. Tyce and his friends had Prom that night! I will post more about that later.

Mary took this picture of me.

The bad thing was that we both got food poisoning from eating our favorite foods and have not even finished recovering today. Ugh. That was the worst gift ever.

But all in all it was an amazing weekend and I am really excited to be another year older. Life isn't easy but I am healthy and happy and I have wonderful family and friends--pretty much all I could ever ask for.

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