Saturday, December 7, 2013

Las Vegas Santa Run!

Today was the big day. It was supposed to be a whole-family event but only the twins would get out of bed to go. I won't lie, I flipped on the big kids because they promised they would go and I spent the dang money to make it happen. I also had this fantasy that we would have a cool family picture to show for it. I shouldn't have been surprised that they bailed but I was and the disappointment was sharp.

Thank goodness for the twins. Harrison had a hard time with the transition but he rallied and did great. Cam was a superstar the whole time. He wanted to run the whole 5K! I stayed with Cam and Bryce hung out with Harrison. I kept stopping to take pictures so even though Cam and I "ran" the others who walked caught up with us in the end.

On the way.

Handsome Santas on the elevator.

The iconic cowboy on Fremont Street. This was the start of the race.


We got there early.  It was literally freezing, but not snowing as predicted. When the wind kicked up it was crazy cold.

I even wore my beard at first to keep warm. I kept trying to sweep those little hairs out of my mouth but I had knitted mittens on, which made the problem worse.

Entertainment before the race included Fox 5 TV peeps, local entertainers Zowie Bowie and the Chippendales, the Jabbawockeez, and some annoying banter between Mayor Carolyn Goodman and anyone who would take the stage. Man, she was loud.
Las Vegas' sister city for this race is Liverpool, England. There is a yearly competition to see who can hold the record for the most Santas. Since the races were a week apart, Liverpool's event last week overtook last year's record and they got the "trophy". But after the numbers were tallied this week, Las Vegas regained their title. 

Shania Twain was the grand marshal this year.  Some organizational glitch made it take forever for the race to actually start. We went to the Walgreens while she gave her opening speech because the twins couldn't stand just hanging out any more.

There were over 12,000 Santas! Believe it or not, we were towards the front of the pack.

Ready . . . Go!

Santa came by on a float! You can see Mayor Goodman holding the trophy.
Some people took off running but it looked to me that most people just strolled along. Like I said, we ran a lot (Cam said he "ran like a wildebeest. No, actually, a leopard") but also walked a lot because he "didn't get a blink of sleep all night." Too excited!

Cameron stopped to pose for me.

He couldn't believe we passed by a house with TWO limousines!!!

Bryce and Harrison caught up with us on mile 3, just when when got to the federal courthouse where Bryce works. He jumped up on the sign and struck a fireman-calendar pose. Ha!

Mr. December and Cam the photo bomber.

Proof that lawyers do talk out of the sides of their mouths.

Cam and his stick. He is such a boy.

Bryce and the boys crossing the street on the way to the finish line.
The highlight of the whole race for Bryce was when he got to actually talk to the Liverpudlian organizer of the Liverpool Santa Run!

Under his Union Jack he wore a Sgt. Pepper's jacket.

Bryce showed him the Liverpool jersey he'd worn under his Santa suit in honor of the sister city. The Brit said, "Oh, no no no." He lifted his own shirt to show his support of the rival team, Everton! They gave some good-natured ribbing over that.
He even had cool shoes.

I enjoyed taking pictures of things that caught my eye, from architecture to the urban decay and regrowth going on in the heart of downtown.

Fremont Street Experience.

Abandoned building.

Attached to Designing Woman.

Not sure what kind of business this is but the art on the brick walls was intriguing.

Right behind new construction on Las Vegas Blvd.

Bike-shaped bike rack?

Totally pink, for the girly girls in a jam.

The actual shop on the reality show PAWN STARS! There was a huge line just to get in there (of regular people, not Santas).
Peep show AND arcade. I can't really imagine an x-rated pinball game.

One of the many wedding chapels.

Canopy of the federal courthouse.

Downtown revival. 

I liked this artwork: Suzie Selfie.

Colorful Motel.

We had a great time and the time went by really fast. Nice that this benefits an amazing organization, Opportunity Village. I wish our whole family could have done this together but I look forward to creating a new tradition with the twins.

After the race we enjoyed another new creation, the Container Park.

A very interesting place.
This bad boy bug shot fire from his antennae!
Okay, check out this amazing playground. Look at how long those slides are! Guess what, they had interior lights and flashing images as you slid down. Hello.

Harrison liked the life-size electronic Simon Says.

There were lots of tiny stores--the twins loved the candy shop. There were restaurants and a stage for live music.

Harrison also loved this build-your-own giant marble run.
A very cool sculpture outside.

Close up: loving thoughts on hearts.
 And the highlight of MY day:

I saw Jack Sparrow.

How did it feel to be Santa? Kind of cool. Cam says his costume makes him feel magical and he's still wearing it. It was fun to be in the company of so many cheerful people.

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