Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Twins Turn 9

Cameron in green, Harrison in blue/red.

I love these guys so much. They are great kids and fun to be around. It was nice to celebrate their birthday on September 3rd and help them feel special!

But first, remember this adorableness from when they were only 2? Holy moly, were they the cutest boys ever, or WHAT!?

Harrison in green, Cameron in red.
They went to school that day; Harrison told Mr. Amberg it was his birthday and so he got his special pencil. Cameron was too shy to tell Mrs. Dillashaw it was his birthday until they were lining up to go home, so he didn't get his pencil until the end of the week! He said he didn't want to interrupt her day. Points for self-control.

That evening we had our family party. Mary's science portion of homeschool was to make their birthday cakes and she used all of my food coloring and every pan I own in the process.

The boys and their cakes.

Cute Cam.

Happy Harrison.

I thought this was kind of a cool picture.

The boys knew exactly what they wanted for their birthdays: Cameron wanted a Troy Polamalu Steelers replica jersey and Harrison wanted Lego sets (Halo and Lego City).

I knew we'd gotten Cam his top pick but I didn't expect him to scream, run around the room, and freak out for joy. That was a surprise to us! He was in heaven.

Proud and posing.

They also got Nerf guns!

Harrison blowing out the candles.

Cam's turn.

Cam also loved the backpack that Heather got him!

Bryce personalized their guns: Harrsison Zombie Slayer Jones

Cam Zombie Man Jones

After dinner the boys rode their bikes (they got some new accessories, including bike locks, hand grips, and lights) and went to the park with Bryce to shoot Nerf guns.

They boys said that they had a great day. It was fun seeing how excited they were and it made me remember that there's nothing quite like the enthusiasm of a 9-year-old.

We love you, C & H!


Silver Strands said...

Awww ... happy birthday boys! (precious at 9, but OH MY WORD! 2 is DARLING!)

Allison said...

Happy belated birthday boys!!! It's awesome to see them at 2 and now! WOW! <3