Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tyce's Fall Concert

Last night we had the pleasure of hearing wonderful music from Basic's choirs AND a solo from our very own Tyce Jones. Tyce is in concert choir as well as the elite chamber singers, which is an a capella madrigal group. All of the groups were good but the chamber singers were amazing!

Kids auditioned for solos last week and Tyce was chosen to sing "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" from Les Miserables. I have to say, he was incredible. You don't expect him to have such a great bass voice but he really rocks those low notes.

Right before he started. It takes guts to get up there and sing a solo!

All of the choirs sang a closing performance of "How Can I Keep From Singing?" It was lovely.

After the concert Tyce handed me a rose, how sweet is that? Then I took a picture of my two handsome men.

Tyce posed with his friend Chelsea who sang a solo of the song "Jar of Hearts".
We were really proud of him and we're so glad he's part of a wonderful choir program with good kids and a truly outstanding director who inspires everyone to be their best. It was a great night.

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SweetmamaK said...

He's SOOO gorgeous, That smile and his eyes are the same from when he was just five!