Friday, October 26, 2012

Elementary Fall Dance

I took the boys to the dance which pleased them to no end. "All we have to do is ask and you'll take us!" they marveled. In the past it just hadn't worked out to go so I think they were incredulous that the stars aligned this time. They skippity-ran into the multi-purpose room with giant smiles.

However, once they got there, guess what . .  they were wallflowers for almost an entire hour!

Cam and I after I tried to convince him to boogie.

Check out Harrison's eyes.

Cam held on to me for a long time.
Finally the boys got their courage to get out there and they had a great time. I think a big factor was that DJ Tony threw party favors into the crowd; Cam got a top and Harrison got a flower ring. Cam said, "I saw that top under an ostrich's foot. He couldn't feel it and so I thought I could slip under him when he moved and I was right."

Cam is in the green shirt with his arms in the air.

Harrison is a conservative dancer.

Disco wore Cam out.


I joined the boys for the Cha Cha slide and some other fun line dances. It was the funniest thing to see the kids do the newest dance craze, Gangnam Style, which Cam calls "Ooka Gunga Style." I was glad to talk to a few friends between dances and it was an all-around pleasant afternoon.

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